Whose sidewalk is it anyway?

I wonder how many bottles “John Smith, John Doe, Bob Doe and Jane Doe” have to collect to pay off $1 million dollars.

A Manhattan antiques dealer has filed a lawsuit against a small group of homeless people claiming that they are disrupting his business by using the sidewalk outside his high-end East Side store as a urinal, a spittoon and an occasional dressing room, according to the suit and the dealer’s lawyer.

Besides seeking $1 million in damages — the dealer’s lawyer said he put in a figure for legal reasons — the suit also asks for a restraining order requiring them to stay at least 100 feet from the store. The suit notes that the antiques dealer is located “within the heart of New York’s most exclusive Madison Avenue shopping district,” with neighbors like Gucci, Chanel and Prada.

Source: The New York Times


One response to “Whose sidewalk is it anyway?

  1. sidewalks definitely serve a purpose as a throroughfare. Of course, city councils have an obligation to all the denizens within their jurisdiction, and setting up homesless shelters and providing prublic toilets is probably part of their duties.


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