Nobody wants to see him

Continuing the Super Bowl theme — Jim Sorgi, on being the backup quarterback to Peyton Manning, one the greatest quarterbacks to play the game, for the Indianapolis Colts:

“Everybody says it’s the greatest job in the world, right?” said the self-effacing Sorgi, mid-way through the Colts’ Super Bowl media session Tuesday at Dolphin Stadium. “Yeah, it’s the greatest job in the world until Peyton comes off the field and you think his thumb might be broken, and there’s three minutes left in the AFC Championship Game and you’re down by three to New England and you haven’t taken a snap all year.

“Yeah, it’s a great job until that point, and then you’re like, ‘Man, this could either go really good or really bad.’ My job, it’s not a lot of pressure every day, all day, every game. But when that moment comes, if it comes, there’s going to be a lot of pressure. I’m the guy nobody wants to see play.



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