What your cell phone says about you

The Sydney Morning Herald reports on a Nielsen Media Research study in Australia of cell phones and their users. According to the study, these are the stereotypical profiles of people who use these brands of cell phones (at least if you are Australian):



Middle aged managers

Balance seekers

Health conscious


Fashion conscious

Under 24

Fun seekers


Sony Ericsson

Ambitious young men


Success driven



Favourite of mums

Stay-at-home parents

Success driven

Harmony seekers


Young women

Career focused

Success driven

Fun seekers


2 responses to “What your cell phone says about you

  1. By these standards, Erica must be going through a mid-life crisis — exchanging her stay-at-home mom persona for one as a career focused young woman who like to have fun. Should I be worried?

  2. is she getting a new phone by any chance? perhaps a samsung?

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