Embarrassed of mom

Most teenagers are embarrassed of their parents at one time or another, but this girl in China decided to do something about it. In elementary school, Pingping had been humilated by her mom’s gaucherie. So, she determined that her mom could not be allowed to be such an embarrassment in front of her friends and teachers again. Thus, a plan was hatched.

In the summer before Pingping went to middle school, she met her friend Yingying’s aunt who works in a securities company. Pingping thought she had good taste in dressing and her manners classy.

Then Pingping decided to conjure up a story with Yingying, in which Pingping’s parents were divorced. Her mother had gone abroad, and her father was too busy to come to the parents’ meeting. Pingping was given extra care while she was in the primary school, but that also made her feel uneasy too. She wanted to be treated equally, and not get sympathy from others. Pingping longed for a new start when she entered middle school, wishing for a “mom” to attend her parents’ meeting, too.

Yingying’s aunt was moved by Pingping’s story, and promised to attend every parents’ meeting for Pingping in middle school. She was so ecstatic that every time Yingying’s aunt attended a meeting, Pingping paid her niece 50 yuan to keep the secret.

In a new school with new classmates, Pingping got a new “mom”, who also never failed to appear and impress the Pingping’s classmates and their parents.


2 responses to “Embarrassed of mom

  1. Is this what we have to look forward to?

  2. Wow….a paid substitute mom. That is a little extreme for a good kid to do.

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