Stop the music

The BBC gave their listeners ten songs from which to choose the “worst pop lyrics” ever sung. There was a “runaway winner”:

It’s official: The most inane pop lyric in music history was penned by popular Nineties artist Des’ree. BBC 6 Music listeners have voted her hit song Life as containing the world’s worst clanger. The offending lines?

I don’t want to see a ghost

It’s the sight that I fear most

I’d rather have a piece of toast

Watch the evening news.

Like any such endeavor, many felt the list omitted other more worthy contenders. One blogger has already come up with his own very opinionated and entertaining list. His candidate for worst pop lyrics:

Yes, “Love Will Find a Way” — “Here is my heart / Waiting for you / Here is my soul / I eat at Chez Nous” Few lines in all of rock & roll communicate more casual contempt for the folks subsidizing the artist’s lifestyle than these. If they could have found a way to rhyme “Fuck it, I can’t think of anything, let’s go home,” they surely would have. Much more entertaining than this stupid, stupid song is this thread discussing all the possible meanings of “I eat at Chez Nous.” (My favorite: “The song appears to be about trying to stay together in the face of some problem. ‘Eating’ at ‘our place’ could mean simply that ‘I’ am not ‘fooling around’…’I’ stay home to eat. The sharing of food is a basic bonding activity and could infer other (more personal) bonding activities are being kept ‘at home’ also.” I love Yes fans!)


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