Dangerous parenting

The Timesonline website has an article about children and road safety in England. It reports that “The proportion of children who are never allowed to cross a road unsupervised has risen each year for the past five years. But the number of child pedestrians being killed is also rising.” One reason being offered is that parents are putting their children at risk by being overprotective.

The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety said that parents needed to understand the risks of being overprotective. Rob Gifford, the council’s director, said: “Parents should consider whether forbidding their children from crossing the road unaccompanied is exposing them subsequently to additional risk. They may not acquire the skills they need.

Clifford goes on to point out another irony:

He said that parents who tried to avoid exposing their children to road danger by driving them to school were contributing to a vicious circle.Drivers became less accustomed to seeing children on the streets and were therefore less prepared for the possibility of one suddenly stepping into the road.


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